Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Espresso Burr Grinder Review

Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Espresso Burr Grinder Review
Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder



Powerful, Grinds directly, Simple controls


Getting jammed up easily


It’s got everything – the looks, the durability, and the precision to give you exactly what you want

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Making good coffee is dependent on a lot of different things. The first thing you're going to have to consider is the brewing method that you're using and how much practice you've had with it. Pour-over coffee is something that is a little more challenging to master than simple filtered joe.

Of course, the equipment that you use to bring the flavors out of the coffee will also greatly influence the result. Some techniques will be entirely dependent on the appliance, like with bean to cup coffee machines. Today, we’re going to take a look at one of the best burr grinders on the market.

A burr grinder uses burrs to chop down coffee beans to a fine consistency that can then be used with a variety of brewing techniques. Some grinders are meant to be used with a certain brewing method while other products are more versatile, capable of grinding beans down to a range of consistencies.

Picking the best burr grinder can often be a confusing endeavor because of all of the different features and aspects that you have to account for, especially if you are a beginner. Before we reach our review, we’re going to cover two things that you should look for when buying your new burr grinder.

Ease Of Use

Whether or not a product is easy to use will determine how often you use it in the first place. If a burr grinder is inconvenient, then it will be far more likely to sit in the back of the cupboard collecting dust. Even if it does see frequent use, a product that isn’t user-friendly will only result in frustration.

To ensure that your new burr grinder is easy to use, you’re going to want to take a close look at the controls and whether or not they’re laid out logically. You’ll also want to consider the quality of the instructions that come packaged with the burr grinder, as poorly-written directives will only result in confusion.

Grind Settings

When looking for the best burr grinder on the market, you'll also want to consider the number of grind settings and whether or not they make a noticeable difference in the grounds. A lot of burr grinders come with adjustable settings, but a lot of low-end models will have a negligible difference between one option and the other.

For most mid-range burr grinders, 15 grind settings seems to be the norm, but some expensive products can feature up to 40 or more grind settings.

Whether or not a variety of options for the grind consistency is important to you will depend on how you like to brew your coffee and whether others are living with you. If you're alone and you don't switch up your coffee too often, then you won't see much use out of adjustable grind settings.

Putting Plate On Ginder

About The Product


  • Features 50mm commercial plate grinding burrs
  • Can deposit grounds onto a porta filter
  • Features a powerful 166-watt direct drive motor
  • Quiet operation makes it ideal for morning use
  • The hopper can hold up to 0.65 lbs of beans
  • Adjustable grind settings ranging from fine to coarse
  • Every product is tested to ensure quality

If you’re looking for top quality regardless of price point, then the Rancilio Rocky Espresso burr grinder is one of the best products on the market. You get a lot for your money with this stainless steel burr grinder, including an impressive degree of build quality and performance on par with entry-level commercial models.

We were highly impressed by the grinding performance of this model, which is largely due to its use of commercial quality burrs. These burrs are designed to last longer than the ones that you’ll find in most residential units, and they’re also capable of grinding your coffee beans to a wide range of consistencies.

All you have to do to adjust the grind settings is rotate the hopper, making this model easy to use. The other controls are equally simple, with two switches controlling grinding and power. This grinder doesn’t come with too many other bells and whistles, as the designers focused on the best performance possible.

To that end, this burr grinder is equipped with a 166-watt direct drive motor that provides it with the power to grind down beans efficiently. The motor is also designed to operate quietly, meaning that you won’t have to worry about waking up anyone else in the house when you make an early-morning coffee.

The Rancilio burr grinder is also designed to be convenient, so it features a metal support that you can place a porta filter on. When the machine finishes grinding, it will deposit the grounds on the filter directly. Each of these machines is even tested before being sent off to the customer, ensuring that you’ll receive a reliable product.

What Others Say

In their reviews, customers were typically impressed by this burr grinder. Reviewers mentioned that this grinder was ideal for French press, drip, and aero press coffee in particular. Others were surprised by just how fine the grounds could be, making for a much richer flavor profile.

However, no product is perfect, and even something like this burr grinder has a few downsides. One of the most worrying things we read in customer reviews was that this grinder couldn’t handle oily beans in the long-term, getting jammed up easily. A lot of buyers also mentioned that the machine arrived covered in coffee grounds.

Buying Advice

Rocky Espresso Burr Grinder

If you’re willing to spend the money, then this machine will be one of the best burr grinders that you ever use. Unfortunately, the price is very steep, even when you compare it to other high-end models. You’ll have to spend around 370 dollars to get one of these burr grinders, though the price may fluctuate slightly.

Final Thoughts

The Rancilio burr grinder is a marvel of engineering, but one that comes with a hefty price tag. However, if you’re looking for a grinder that will last you years, then you’ve found it. Thank you for taking the time to read our review.

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